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Every company strives to build the ideal workforce that represents an independently functioning community with strong rapport and high morale. The path to attracting and keeping the best employees begins with corporate welfare and taking care of their well being. Our Corporate Programme aims to improve the physical and mental well being of your colleagues, by targeting the following objectives:

  • Improve health and immune systems, which increases productivity and reduces insurance cost
  • Strengthen joints and stretch out tight muscles
  • Reduce tension and repetitive injuries related to sedentary work lifestyle, such as back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Encourage creativity and imagination
  • Train ability to manage stress
  • Increase efficiency and focus
  • Boost morale and participation
  • Foster healthy relationships amongst teams and departments, leading to better communication among colleagues

Upside Motion has several corporate programmes suited for any organisation’s needs. Have a look at which of the following options suit you best.


Option 1: Team Building Workshop

Suitable for

Organisations or departments that are determined to take your team-building experience to MID-AIR level or to organise nothing less than an awesome brolates / barre-chelorette party! 

How it works

Book a customized 60-minute session of Aerial, Xtend Barre, Pilates Mat or Yoga centered on team-building activities with your coworkers. 

*Please note that our maximum capacity for one Aerial class is 16 Pax. For party of more than 26 pax, longer duration, multi-sessions rates or any other special requests, please contact us for more information!

Option 2: Team Bundle

Suitable for

Organisations or departments that want to promote fitness, but do not have the space or time to coordinate large-scale fitness workshops or group classes.

How it works

Once you have provided us with a list of nominated employees, they will be able to attend our Aerial, Xtend Barre, Pilates, and Yoga classes whenever they want, at all three studios.

Option 3: Workplace Classes

Suitable for

Any-sized companies or departments that have interested staffs, and a studio or suitable venue such as a seminar room to hold the class.

How it works

Upside Motion will assign an instructor to your workplace to conduct regular sessions of either Pilates Mat, or Yoga sessions at a designated space. Contract is renewable every quarter.

  • Once or twice a week
  • Pilates Mat or Yoga
  • Suitable for groups of 6-30, depending on space available.
  • Price varies depending on class frequency and number of participants.

Option 4: Corporate Partnership

Suitable For

Any-sized companies or departments that want to distribute employee perks, rewards, birthday and holiday gifts! 

How it works

Group Bulk Purchase are available for purchase in quantities of 15 or more. The more workout mates you have in your team, the more you will save, the merrier!

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We’d love to explore and come up with a programme that’s best suited for your organisation. We are also an appointed service provider under Health Promotion Board's SME Health Plus, with co-funded programme packages available. 

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